Voice issue

Good morning,on free Pbx two users has been set but while calling i have a voice issue .
Please help me to resolve this.

Thanks !

Please explain the issue.

The two users can not hear each other.
Thanks !

Please explain topology.

Are they on the same network or are they connecting over the Internet?

What protocol are you using for the extensions for each of the users?

Okay, i use Csip on my Android and X -lite on a PC running OS 7, yes they are on the subnet mask with internet connection,I am using SIP protocol.

Thanks !

So, to clarify, all devices are on the same LAN?

If that is the case, and you aren’t getting audio, then I would first look at the codecs that each of the soft phones are using and make sure your asterisk server supports those codecs.

Check your audio device settings in your softphone and make sure they are set to use your audio input device (i.e. your headset microphone or your built in microphone).