Voice Intercom all the time

I need to change my system so when I call extension I get voice intercom.
I’m using Sangoma phones and the customer wants to press the DSS button to voice intercom that phone.

I tried to prefix short DSS with *80 and this worked until I figured out that now I can’t DSS button I programmed for anything other than phones. So using the short prefix option it out of the question.

I can’t dial *80 and the DSS key. This just causes the phone to dial the DSS key settings.
I can’t press a DSS key with *80 as the value and then the DSS for the extension I wish to dial.

what about a speed dial key with *80. Nope

The Sangoma will not allow you to stack the buttons or to dial plus the button press.

Can I change the system so all Intercom calls are voice Intercom or auto answer intercom?

You can stack buttons.

Create speeddial with *80+

The + tells it dont dial right away and wait for more digits.

You can then press that speedial and the BLF for the extension you want to intercom.Preformatted text

Actually even easier just use the intercom button option in EPM to setup a intercom button. Press that button and then your BLF. Just tested works fine.

should the Intercom button prefix *80 by default and without setting the using the prefix settings in the EPM template?

because it is for me in the lab.