Voice breaks in FreePBX


I am using freepbx distro in virtualbox. I installed xlite soft phone in host(windows 7) and registered with freepbx running as guest.

When i place a call. The dial tone and voice breaks and not clear.

Note: If i place a call to unknown number then the voice “the person u r calling is unavailable, please try again” is much clear

Please help me to short out the issue.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

With Thanks,

In order to short out your problems connect the supply line to earth.

In order to short out your problems connect the supply line to earth.

Another possibility, and one I suggest you try first , is to remove any form of Virtualization and any form of windows from the equation first. If you still have poor quality voice from the “far end” connections, then suspect your network, if you use g711 you will need an impeccable network speed of 80k each way per call.

FreePBX amd asterisk run perfectly fine on a 600Mhz machine with 512M of memory and a 10G hard-drive, get one from your local Thrift store for 25 dollars, stick in the distribution iso of your choice and see.

So you want me to try in separate machine instead of using virtual box correct.

I “want you” to use anything you want, I merely suggest that you start with a PlainOldFreePBXBox. Virtual Machines are always a problem, adding Windows of any sort to the mix will pretty well guarentee that it will not work right and you will have to restart your machine every Tuesday.