Voice breaking?

Dear All,

I’m trying to freePBX version 1.2.3rc default installation with Digium E1 Card , AMD 3200+ Processer , 512MB RAM.
My problem is call hanging & voice breaking when more than 6 to 7 caller at a time online,

only inbound connection setup, but calls are recorded at .wav format try again gsm format
but continuesly problem occure , how can we diagnose & solve this types of problem


Sounds like a capacity issue, but your processor sounds big enough.

Try boosting the RAM from 512MB to 1GB.

Won’t cost you much to try. You can also try switching to linear codec (g.711), which will be easier on the machine.

You do NOT have to “try” adding more memory just because. You can see EXACTLY how much memory you are using and chances are 512MB is plenty.

Switching to a linear codec is also some thing you do not have to “try” any more than dentists do not have to “try” pulling various teeth until they hap hazardly stumble upon the one causing the problem.

You only need to type in 3 letters to answer all the questions about how much CPU and Memory you are using “top”.

there really is not any information here to diagnose the problem in addtion there is no freepbx version 1.2.3rc that I know of. (And if you mean 2.2.rc3 then you should not be running an old release candidate you should be running 2.2.1.

I would start by going to the Asterisk wiki and do a search for “PCI troubleshooting”. There is a bunch of info there mostly to do with the Digium cards which I think is the root of your problem. It talks about things like looking for excessive IRQ interrupts and also suggests you turn off everything your not using in the BIOS (sound card, USB, Parallel/Serial ports, SCSI etc.)