Vocemails show up on phone days later

I have a few users where they will get the email right away but the phone never shows a voicemail. Yealink T29G phones. I have updated the firmware to current. Is there a setting I need to look at? It happens at random. Sometimes it works

In the extension settings.

Then in the phone there is this setting under Account → Advanced.

Pick your poison, but change one of them to make it work.

it works on all other phones though except a few. I do not see MWI Subscription in seconds at all

That screenshot was from a T46G that I had handy. I do not have any T29G’s.

It would need done from freepbx anyway. What did you change to fix the issue though?

I don’t have an issue.

And umm, you can change it directly in the phone to verify functionality. not from the EPM.

You see what my settings are as these were screenshots from a live server and phone.

This may have been fixed in your phones, but my older T26P sets have a bug: Subscribe MWI To Voice Mail sends the SUBSCRIBE request using the Voice Mail field, so you would have to set that to your extension number. But then, pressing the Message button will call your own extension (instead of *97).

If your phone has this problem, you probably need to fix the MWI issue at the PBX end. If setting Unsolicited doesn’t work, use SIP debug or tcpdump to see whether the proper NOTIFY is being sent by Asterisk and what response, if any, is coming from the phone.

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the firmware is current and I have the issue. Pressing the message button does dial *97 so that part does work. Just strange it’s not doing this for everyone or at least that we know of

Well, you should find out whether Asterisk is sending a proper NOTIFY and if so, whether the phone acknowledges it.

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