VmX not working when temporary greeting is active

Whenever a temporary greeting is present, VmX options are ignored.
I press 2 and the DTMF is ignored, as seen in the log below

[2017-09-20 16:03:08] VERBOSE[18707][C-00008d0e] file.c: -- <SIP/206-0000628d> Playing '/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/206/temp.slin' (language 'fr')
[2017-09-20 16:03:10] DTMF[18707][C-00008d0e] channel.c: DTMF begin '2' received on SIP/206-0000628d
[2017-09-20 16:03:10] DTMF[18707][C-00008d0e] channel.c: DTMF begin ignored '2' on SIP/206-0000628d

Some users record a temporary message before going on vacation and they say that they can be reached on their cellphone by pressing 2 but it doesn’t work. It does work when the temporary message is removed.

Is this a normal behavior ?

There is an old bug report that I think was related to this problem back in 2008

Also found this: https://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-5818

I’m bringing this post back from the dead !
I have a customer who’s asking why his “option 2” does not work in his voicemail when there is a temporary message configured.
Is there any plan for this to work eventually ?

If it is still not working submit a bug report.

The temporary greeting overrides the other greetings and is meant for an extended away greeting. The VMX Locator is there to locate you. If you are away for an extended period then dont locate you.

This isnt a bug. This would require enhancements to VMX.

Yeah I know it’s not a bug. I was just wondering if anything was planned regarding this.
It’s all good, the customer will re-record his regular message when going on vacation to work around this.

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