VMX Locator playing two different voicemail greetings

When a call ends up at voicemail (whether busy or unavailable, seems to make no difference) it first plays the recorded greeting, then waits for a key press, then times out, then plays the default greeting (Alison’s voice) before beeping and letting the caller leave a message.

I compared it side by side with another FreePBX system that is on the same level (6.12.65-25 , 12.0.51 , Asterisk 11.16.0) and almost everything else was the same in terms of the VMX locator and voicemail admin. One worked right and one did not. The only difference was that on the working system the extension using the VMX locator did not have a greeting recorded. I recorded something real quick and sure enough it started playing the recorded greeting and then subsequently the default greeting (ie not working the way I want).

I tried changing the “Optional Destinations” to play “no message” but that results in no greetings at all, just a beep to start recording. So basically my options are 0 or 2 greetings.

A couple of other data points:

  • on one system the call was going through an IVR and going to a particular extension. On the other it was a direct dial. Same result.
  • I tried changing the “Direct Dial Mode” to both Busy and Unavailable with the same results.
  • On both the options work, the issue is with having to listen to multiple greetings.

I dont want to hear two greetings (and yes I looked in Voicemail Admin and it’s set to 1 attempt). I’m stumped. Any ideas?

I misspoke above. The “default” greeting that is getting played after the customized greeting is not really a greeting, it’s the recording that has the instructions “please leave your message after the tone. When finished please hang up”, etc.

That does NOT play when the voicemail greeting is not set but it does play once a user has their own greeting recorded.

Is nobody else having this problem? Or is nobody else using the VMX locator?

I too have the same problem of greeting playing twice.
But, I am not sure if it is a bug or configuration mistake.

The way it was explained to me “it’s supposed to do that” so I just gave up.

I originally wrote VmX but others have been maintaining and evolving it, so I may be mis-stating things. However …

For Unavailable and Busy greetings, you should have the choice within the VmX configuration, if you want it to go straight to the recording after your message has been played, or if you want the standard instructions to be played. See the option (on 13): “Voicemail Instructions: Yes/No” If this is not taking affect, this may be a bug.

There was an option introduced to work with temporary greetings as well later on, but it should have been subsequently removed and reverted to the original design, which is, if there’s a temporary greeting, VmX is bypassed. (The theory being, a temporary greeting is usually placed as a ‘vacation’ greeting.) The issue being, there’s no way to ‘silence’ a temporary greeting inside of Voicemail, it’s played no matter what as it’s designed that way. When it had been added into VmX, it resulted in being played twice and the only solution, outside of modifying Asterisk, was to revert back to the original behavior.