VmX Locator Issue with Temporary Greetings

I think this is an issue that needs to be submitted as a bug ticket, however I wanted to run this past the forums first to see if anyone else has this problem or can duplicate it so I can be sure this just isn’t an issue with my config.

When VmX Locator is enabled on an extension in FreePBX and the end user records a temporary greeting asterisk does not play the temporary greeting and instead plays the unavailable / busy greetings as normal. Disabling the VmX Locator feature on the extension from within FreePBX allows the temporary greeting to be played.

Since VmX Locator cannot be completely disabled on an extension from ARI, this means every time an end user needs to record a temporary greeting admin intervention is required to disable this feature before, and reenable after, a temporary greeting is recorded and used.

Any thoughts?

what happens when you disable VMX from ARI (un-check the busy and unavail boxes)?

Disabling VmX from ARI does resolve the problem. I thought I had tested it before and it did not, but my test right now revealed that when a temporary message is set and both boxes are unchecked in VmX/ARI the temporary message is played. I will send a memo out with the instructions to disable both checkboxes whenever setting a temporary message. Of course people will forget and then be asking me why their temporary message isn’t working, but at least there is workaround available. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your assistance. Perhaps adding a checkbox for Temporary to the VmX / ARI interface would be a good feature request for me to post… :slight_smile:

Is it something you gotta fix in future version of freepbx ? Thanks

The temporary voicemail greeting taking precedence over unavailable/busy is a function of the voicemail app. When your using VmX the dialplan plays the unavailable greeting directly… it doesn’t even get to the voicemail app until timeout or bad digit is pressed. To fix this behavior you would want to modify the VmX dialplan to check for existance of temp.wav and, if it exists, play it instead of unavail (or alternately if it exists go directly to voicemail app bypassing VmX entirely… your call).

file a bug if it is not filed already. Better yet, do such along with a patch file with a proposed way of addressing the temp greeting. One way to address it could be to check for the temp greeting and if it exists, just go straight to voicemail and skip the VmX code. Anyhow - I agree it is something that should be addressed and I would consider it a bug. It has been brought up before, I don’t know if anyone filed a bug against it yet. (Which is the only way that things like this will be remembered when we review fixes, features, etc.)

OK - I got briefly inspired, try: #2759

if that has the right behavior, we can get that checked in.