VmX Locator is disabled in ARI - 2.3b2.1

#2137 VmX Locator is disabled in ARI - even though its enabled for the extension.
Reporter jahyde | Owner dan_littlejohn
Type Bugs | Status new
Priority major | Milestone 2.3
Component ARI | Version 2.3-branch
Keywords VmX Locator ARI | Svn_rev
Engine Asterisk 1.2.x | Engine_version 1.2.18
2.3 beta2.1 - I have enabled the VmX Locator for several extensions in
FreePBX, but when I login to ARI and try to edit the VmX settings I get
this error

Your Premium VmX Locator service has been disabled…

This is a bit troubling as it was the reason I wanted 2.3 :wink:

Ticket URL <http//www.freepbx.org/trac/ticket/2137>

Bug - Or did I do it wrong?


  • John

see temporary workaround to revert back to b1 version:


New Framework update fixes this.