VMX Locator / follow-me does not work

I may be doing something wrong. I have enabled the VMX locator on my extension.
On my follow-me settings, I have checked the Enable. In the follow-me list, in addition to my local extension I added my cell phone number followed by a #. In Destination if no answer, I have chosen the voicemail Unaviable option.
On my recordings interface for voicemail, in theVMX locator, I have checked Unavailable in “Use when”.
Voicemail Instructions: Standard voicemail prompts.
Press 0: Goto operator
Press 1: send To follow-me
On the follow-me section, I have unchecked Enable
Use Confirmation: Checked.

Now when I call in to my extension, and get to thevoicemail, I press 1 expecting the system to forward the call to my cell phone. But the message continues to play and then beep for recording voicemail. But the Digit 1 is not recognized.
However, if I press 0, it does try to send it to the operator.
What is wrong on my settings?

Same exact problem.
I am on Asterisk
FreePbx 2.8.0rc1.3.

Actually, in my case, the zero doesn’t work either.
No digits are recognized.

It used to be that if you deleted a VM from the web portal, the MWI would go out on the phones. This no longer works in 2.8.

I tested on Aastra and Grandstreams. The phones still show “x messages waiting” even after I delete them from the portal.