VmX Locater vs. CID forwarding

When VmX forwards a call to an external number (i.e. using “Press 1”), can the CID of that call be forwarded?

I don’t know if FreePBX can do this, and, although Asterisk can forward caller ID (in fact it does so by default), nonetheless, in the USA, and increasingly in the rest of the world, you will have to go through hoops to get the network to accept it and not mark the call as phone spam. Before spending much time on this, you should discuss with your service provider if and how you can represent the CID of an incoming call on an outgoing one, without having it suppressed, or given a B attestation for STIR/SHAKEN.

There have been discussions of mechanisms involving Diversion headers, but I don’t remember any of them ending up with a FreePBX solution for that. Any such mechanism will need to be supported by the provider.

Fair point! I will check with the trunk provider first.

No way this is going to happen unless you send a non-US number out when forwarding. Otherwise, forwarding will end up with a B.

Amazingly, they say yes! As they always see where the call is really coming from, we are allowed to “masquerade” the CID. (we are outside the US:)

I guess I need to put code into /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf along the lines of

; get CID of incoming call either from inbound route or extension
; store that in a variable
;and than i.e. in [macro-dialout-trunk-predial-hook]
; override the outgoing CID with it

Does that sound about right?

I just tested VmX Locater and it passes the original caller’s number without doing anything special. Of course, you must not force another CID in the Outbound Route or the Trunk, and your trunk settings need to pass the number in the format the provider requires.

To troubleshoot (if needed), temporarily set Outbound CID for your extension to a number that isn’t yours and confirm that this number is displayed on an outgoing call.

I just removed the outgoing CID from the trunk and it is working! You just saved me from fiddling around with macro contexts any longer…

Thanks Stewart! Will set the outgoing CID in extensions now :+1:

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