VMX locater drop the call after timeout

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to setup vmx locater to my extensions. What I need is an option “dial 1 for the secretary, 2 to leave me a message” and if no option is selected drop the call. I already have setup the recordings, 1 goes to secretary extension, 2 goes to follow me, follow me goes to voicemail. Everything works ok, but I cannot make the vmx drop the call if no option is selected. Using freepbx 15.

Any ideas?

I don’t believe that there is any option for VMX timeout other than taking a message.

However, you could point the Busy and/or Not Reachable destinations for your extension to a ‘regular’ IVR, with option 1 pointing to the secretary’s extension, option 2 pointing to your voicemail (Instructions Only), with terminate call specified for timeout.

But I’m curious why you want this behavior. For example, if I can’t press any keys because I’m driving, how would I leave you a voicemail?

If I’d use regular IVR, I would need a different ivr for every extension.

I believe you would need a little custom dialplan. You could copy the existing VMX code and modify it.

However, please explain what you are trying to accomplish. Do these extensions each have their own DIDs? Or are they dialed from an IVR on the main number? Or connected by a receptionist? Why do you want the call dropped if no keys are pressed?

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