VmX Locater and Follow Me options in ARI not working right

Machine Specs:
Trixbox CE
FreePBX 2.4.0
Follow Me

I have extention 712 setup with Follow Me enabled and setup and I also have VmX turned ON. I then go into ARI via User Mode and log into extention 712. I see the option for Follow Me but I do not see anything for VmX Locater anywhere. When I click on Follow Me I get a very ugly screen full of underlined text and options that don’t work at all.

I noticed that the version for ARI shows 00.10.02 which seems odd to me. Therefore how can I upgrade ARI to the latest version?


Anaheim, CA

Assuming trixbox is not modifying FreePBX, you can just pull it from the FreePBX server and it should reinstall properly:

OK I found the following solution to work.

Log into your Trixbox CE via the website
Switch to admin mode
Click on Packages
Look for FreePBX on the list.
Check the DELETE checkbox
Go down to the bottom and click on DELETE
Once it’s deleted, then go back to Packages and reinstall FreePBX

Once you have it reinstalled, you will need to go to Module Admin and update the modules and you’re back in business.

Hope this helps.

Anaheim, CA