VmX locater and external voicemail access?

I saw a post on the docs section about doing this. I think I’m confused (or there is a bug?) What I want: call from outside and wait for voicemail “leave your message at the tone” to start playing. Press ‘1’ (or whatever) and have it go to the *97 voicemail code (or maybe *98?) The GUI will not let me put a * code in this field (complains about invalid input like such)

“Number *97 must contain dial numbers (characters like ‘(’, ‘-’, and ‘)’ are ok)”

EDIT: I figured a way around this for now: I left option ‘0’ checked with ‘Go to Operator’, and the in the general settings section, I defined the system operator as ‘*98’, but that seems awful kludgy…

Are you just looking for a way to check your VM from an outside line?
If that’s the case, you could set up your IVR to handle this. For example, set up the number 8 to dial into your voicemail system. From there, a user would then put in their extension # and passcode.

i know i can add one, but currently calling in goes to a ring group and if that times out, the normal voicemail “leave your message” prompt. vmx allows me to press a digit and go to the voicemail access context, if i can get it to work.

During the original voicemail greeting just press “*” You’ll then get the password prompt and you’ll be in voicemail.
Doesn’t need an a specific entry in the VMX list.


boy do i feel silly. i had never used that feature, but now that you mention it, i do remember reading about it. worked fine, thanks!