Vmware ESXI VM of Free PBX No internet Access

I have Free PBX installed on a vm in esxi during the install i configure the ethernet adapter with a static address the gateway i want to use for the vlan and the dns server but i cant access the internet i can access the gui from a different vlan but the vm cant ping or its own gateway nor can it access the internet to activate the instalation am i missing something

Punctuation, to name one thing.

It’s a standard Enterprise Linux (CentOS) install so use network troubleshooting guides from a google search to work through the network trouble. It’s not a FreePBX issue.

If you can access the gui from a different vlan it sounds like you have the nic connected to the wrong virtual switch.

Yeah, but as @billsimon stated, it’s not a Freepbx issue and it’s probably not a Centos issue either.

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