Vmblast issue

does anyone know how to allow the ability to forward a regular voice mail message to a vmblast group including forwarding to multiple groups in succession? Ideally we would like to be be able to not only forward a message to a vmblast group or multiple groups but also have the ability to also create a message from within a user mailbox and then forward it to a vmblast group or multiple groups. Also is there a way for the recipient of the vmblast message to not only reply to the sender but to reply to all recipients of the given vmblast message?

currently when trying to forward a message to a vmblast group we get an error message saying that extension does not exist.

Any help or direction here would be much appreciated

Please don’t double post your question (same title or different), doing so causes clutter and if you start to get help in both threads then it becomes confusing as one thread might not know about the other and if you start doing something on one it can be counter productive to anything from the other.

If you forgot something in a post you can always go back and edit it adding details or posting an additional reply to your first message filling those details in.

didnt know which was the best to ask in