Vmblast help needed

does anyone know how to allow the ability to forward a regular voice mail message to a vmblast group including forwarding to multiple groups in succession? Ideally we would like to be be able to not only forward a message to a vmblast group or multiple groups but also have the ability to also create a message from within a user mailbox and then forward it to a vmblast group or multiple groups. Also is there a way for the recipient of the vmblast message to not only reply to the sender but to reply to all recipients of the given vmblast message?

currently when trying to forward a message to a vmblast group we get an error message saying that extension does not exist.

Any help or direction here would be much appreciated.

can anyone help with this?

ok I found it. Yes when you post in multiple locations you are basically flooding the forum with postings and then people have a habit of not answering.

The vmblast code uses a option/feature in the asterisk voicemail() command to do it (It is the only voicemail command that can take a string of delimited extensions). If you look at the code generated by a vmblast group when it is called you’ll see this string being built up and then passed to that command when you go to record a message.

If you go digging very deep into asterisk’s voicemail c code you will find that
there is not any existing code inside the voicemail code to know about or deal with a group of extensions in that way to do what you want.

It would be possible to do it via the web interface if you want to write the code. but realize that it also does not exist currently as the web interface mimicks the voicemail c code so that they work identically (thus not creating user complaints about it working in one and not the other).

The big issues are:

  1. the defination of a blast group and it’s members do not exist inside the voicemail system and there is not a easy way to get them into it either.

  2. the forward code only knows how to deliver to one mailbox so it would need to be drastically changed to deal with multiple mailboxes. What a forward does behind the sceens is copy a recorded voicemail file from one mailbox and place it into another mailbox with it’s new proper name. So this process will have to do be expanded to walk the string of boxes and pre-existing messages in each box to find the next save location.

Thanksvery much for the reply…this is what we had found as well and looked at modifying the c code but would create issues if the user wanted to add additional group boxes at a later date and they wouldnt have the interface in the gui. Is there any plans in the roadmap to do what we have requested? We would be willing to pay a bounty if this can be accomplished in the near future

As for modifying asterisk code you’d need to go to the asterisk development group and request it as nobody here touches asterisk code, the idea of FreePBX is to work on top of it.

As for changing the web interface to the web version of voicemail anything is possible. You can file a feature request, etc.

Like I said there are several design hurtles that would need to be overcome.