VM to Email failing with bad smtp server name

FreePBX Yes I know it’s very very old
and it’s been perking along for a very long time…
recently (as of last week) it has stopped sending the vmail emails.
my counterpart found an error in the logs where there was a 1 inserted in the middle of the FQDN;
he looked at /etc/mail/sendmail.mc, /etc/mail/sendmail.cf, and /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf; but find no offending form of the address. I logged in to the system today to search further but found nothing.
I performed an nslookup and the FQDN is found.
Does anyone have any idea where the system would getting the fouled address from?
I was able to use the mail cmd and successfully sent myself an email; proving that sendmail isn’t the immediate issue. but I cannot find any other possibility??? a little help please?

@rramer It’s way to old. There is zero support for this. There was no distro back then, everything on that system is out of date. Everything back then was build it yourself and put the GUI on it.

What happens when you send a test email via the CLI or another program? Does the offending address still persist?

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as I said in the original post, testing from the CLI works!
I pulled the maillogs and message logs last night…
I’ll start looking for Clues,
It is my recollection that this was an early distribution of “Trixbox” with “Asterisk” as the GUI overlay…
what I’m thinking is that somewhere under the hood is the culprit…
a review of the logs may reveal…
Thanks for the response… I’ll let you know what I figure out

As it was pointed out, Trixbox is dead. It has been for years. That system is extremely out of date from the kernel/OS to FreePBX/Asterisk. At this point you should just save yourself the hours of work troubleshooting this and just get them migrated to a current and support system.

Because this is the game you’re going to play each time there is a problem. No one really wants/likes to support a system that even the devs are like “Oh, I think it worked like this…” because it’s like 10 years old.


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