VM Stuck - Updating all FreePBX modules. This can take 5-10 minutes

Have downloaded latest Asterisk image - AsteriskNow-1013-current-64.io
trying to install it on Oracle Virtual box, Debian 64
After installation & VM reboot, post internet access Test Passed, VM is getting stuck with above message.
Tried keeping it running overnight , restarting. No success.

tried Full Install , Full Install No RAID options.
No luck.
what’s the solution here?

Is this a xen based VM? The latest kernels (cents and freepbx both) do not work with on a xwn vm in pvm mode. You can either run the vm as a phvm, a full hvm or try to find a working kernel (some information on centos bug reports can be found).

After running into this over 6 months ago and I’m currently waiting for the fixes to eventually make it to freepbx.