We have all modules includes VoiceMaster4.6, 4.03, 3.9,3.6, 3.0, 2.01 master copy, Sysmaster2.3.5, 2.3.0, 2.5.6 VoipSwitch2.0.6.0, MVTS 3.1.0 Looking for best hosted billing Software for your VoIP Company?? We have it to provide you at cheap price with excellent support. We have good and stable Vm/Sm for hosted solutions. You can try to get this solution from us; we think u will satisfy with our service.

we are offering VM 4.06for sell with installation+ configuration+ support.

***All Modules Working
***Stable version
***Good Technical Support
***24x7 technical Support
***Cheap Price

Some features of software’s:

F2) For Prepaid Calling Card
F3) For DID Calling Card,
F4) For IP Phone < ---- > Phone,
F5) For Phone < ------ >Phone,
F6) For Call Shop,
F7) For Wholesale Termination,
F For H323<—>SIP Converter
F9) For Online Billing
F10) For Reseller
F11) For Prepaid & Post Paid
F12) DID In Ip phone
F13) Clients can buy from online like CC or pay pal Account.
F14) End User Can create Account & pin from website.
F15) Voice Mail.

Calling Card Features
• Support for multiple account types, including Active User, Network Provider, Wholesale Client, Reseller, Corporate Client and Commission Agent
• User authentication by ANI, DNIS, PIN, IP address, tech-prefix, user name or combination of methods
• Ability to include ANI/DNIS and custom charges and taxes in IVR prompts
• Management of PINs generation, activation and deactivation
• Support for unlimited number of PINs
• Ability to deactivate accounts after certain period or date
• Import and export of PIN batches
• Management of call limit per PIN (based on time or expense)
• Support for 16 Digit PINs including special characters
• Ability to restrict users from making local, toll-free, international and other calls
• Management of calls exceeding maximum call time threshold

Custom Service Billing Features*
• Ability to assign custom service plans to users
• Support for monthly custom charges per user
• Management of custom service charges for reseller and corporate batches
• Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly flat charges
• Support for one time, minimum monthly, hardware, first DID, additional DID and other charges

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