VM Notify / Voicemail Notifications Unexpected Behavior

I have a virtual extension set up for a voicemail box for a queue to fail over to. There are local handset extensions set up with a BLF key to monitor the voicemail box. VM Notify also monitors the voicemail box and calls out to a cell phone.

When a message is left the BLF key turns red but only for a second and the message gets moved to ‘old messages’ before VM Notify has even called any one and gotten someone to except the message.

I would expect the message to stay in ‘new messages’ until someone accepts it first, otherwise I don’t really see the point in ‘accept’ or ‘decline’ choices other than to continue to call other numbers in the recipients list. If no one accepts the message or answer the call then I would expect the message to remain in ‘new messages’. At least that way someone can see the red BLF key and check the voicemail box.

Another unexpected behavior is: If the voicemail is deleted from the voicemail box before VM Notify gets someone to accept the message it will still continue to try (within the number of set retries) to get someone to except it. If someone deletes the message from within the voicemail box, VM Notify should stop trying to notify without an ‘accept’.

VM Notify is not intended to work in conjunction with users monitoring the mailbox manually. If you want local extensions to also manage the mailbox, add the extension number(s) to the VM callout list.

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