VM Notify disabled on all systems

On all of our systems that have the VM Notify module (3 of them), the module is now disabled, like it wasn’t purchased.

This is really bad because night emergercies depend on this module. I already opened a ticket but I also post here to make sure that someone sees the issue today.

Oh ! Someone is fixing something I think :stuck_out_tongue:
I refreshed the activation and the licenses are back !

Can someone tell me what happened ? I have a customer waiting for an answer… Fortunately, when an emergency message came in last night, the guy taking care of the night watch woke up with the email sound (voicemail attached in email) but his phone never rang. They could’ve lost an important customer

@chrischevy there was a portal issue affecting VM Notify licensing which was identified and fixed today. Beyond that I don’t know details, but you’re free to open a commercial module ticket to request a more complete explanation.

For anyone else affected, you can resolve by updating the deployment with:

fwconsole sa update

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