VM notifications not sending. Email testing works fine

We have 5-6 systems running and not had this issue before.

If i go to the sysadmin module and do email setup. In the debug mode i can send test messages to myself all day long no problems.

in the console same thing using the send mail through console has no issues.

But we get zero email notification for voicemail. In the extension we have email address added. In the user we login the UCP and see the voicemails listed. But we never get an email stating we have a voicemail. i have tried with email attachment on and off to no avail.

mailq in console is always empty.

Email log in the debug section of the email setup never mentions sending an email for voicemail but will show when doing any tests.

Got this figured out. One of my guys added a mail command in the email config. Removed the faulty command and it works fine.

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