VM module and Inband DTMF tones

Our SIP carrier uses inband for DTMF tones so I’ve set the FreePBX V14 system to use inband along with the phones. The issue I run into is our VM. When I attempt to access the FreePBX VM it doesn’t recognize the tones. I’ve also added these additional settings

So far no luck on having VM recognize the tones. Any ideas?

inband should be paired with g711 as the codec - ive read anything else delivers poor results

you mention adding settings…
typically i see the inband declaration associated with a trunk? and relaxdtmf is related to dahdi/zaptel iirc?
(those dont look right)

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Those extra settings are probably meaningless I agree. It surprises me that for a local phone using Inband on a FreePBX server set to Inband when I access VM it does not recognize my Inband tones.

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