VM Install on Synology Virtual Machine


Wondering if anyone else has tried installing FreePBX on a Synology virtual machine? Have not found any documentation on it. I use that with a GOIP8 to transfer local sims to the PBX and I do have it working well.

However after a day or so, suddenly it seems the connection between the two units fails. I can’t find any error logs from either though! GOIP8 shows as working fine and Sip trunks seem registered. However incoming calls simply fail with no message. I see them coming in on the GOIP machine but the line just hangs up. Asterisk log files show no activity. Which is weird because I am logged onto the server through the web GUI during this.

Rebooting the GOIP machine has no effect on functionality. But then rebooting the Freepbx machine everything seems to work again…

Any thoughts or ideas welcome!

Ohh and the firewall has no visual evidence of blocking anything. And at the time of malfunction all the phones are registered just fine…

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