VM hints issue with Polycoms. FreePBX 14 Asterisk 15

I’m having a weird issue where voicemails take a while to show up sometimes in the Polycoms, they’re claiming 15 minutes. They have old IP550s though I plugged in a new VVX 310 and get the same issue. Actually, the 310 seems to start blinking right away but when I delete the messages the phone takes a few minutes to realize that the messages are actually gone.

I can see it generating hints for the state of the phone but I’m not sure where in the asterisk log I should be seeing the PBX sending the phone a message informing it that it has a voicemail.

Where can I look to chase this?

Asterisk 15.7.3

**edit: voicemail is being emailed out promptly but the light and the message doesn’t appear on the screen for a while.

Change subscription to unsolicited

Also get on a version of Asterisk that is supported. v13, v16, v17 anything else is not supported.

You won’t find them in asterisk logs but you can diagnose NOTIFY messages with sngrep (which supports any and all forms of SIP transactions passing through your ‘watched interface’ tls needs extra attention to see the details )

Maybe a dumb question but where can I find that setting?

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