vm_general.inc and vm_email.inc missing from voicemail.conf on FreePBX 13.0.95 fresh install

I have a fresh install of FreePBX 13.0.95. The normal includes for vm_general.inc and vm_email.inc are not there. My automation scripts depend upon those being there so I can include personalization (fromstring, serveremail, emailsubject, etc). Any suggestions?

We have removed these files and combined them all into voicemail.conf.

Makes for wonky automation trying to push my standards into a file that FreePBX changes directly from the UI. It would be cleaner if this conf was maintained via DB but . . . . .

automation and integration should always be done through native functions and methods. Editing files and databases directly will eventually always lead to sadness.

There are a ton of functions available through various language interfaces to the system. The most modern (Asterisk 12+, I think) is ARI, which gives you a ridiculously rich environment.

Using an API to supply simple configuration parameters at system build (prior to production usage) is a little heavyweight for what I am trying to accomplish but I understand your point. (heavy sigh)

Of note the voicemail.conf file is one of the only files (manager.conf and asterisk.conf) that is READ AND WRITTEN to. Therefore you can get away with modifying it externally like you could with the vm_* files.

We merged them because people would make changes in vm_* and then also in the GUI and it would all conflict and cause support issues.