VM deleted from web portal does not shut off MWI or stutter tone

When accessing voicemails with the web portal (http://192.168.1.xx/recordings/index.php)
the voicemails are playable and can be deleted from that web page as expected.
The MWI light remains lit after the recordings are deleted.
*97 on the extension gives the stutter tone, but after entering the password, the system states there are no messages, which is true, they were just deleted.
When hanging up, the light turns off.
It seems the light should go out as soon as the recordings are deleted regardless of where they are deleted from, web portal or phone.

This program is amazing, and as I continue to use it I find more and more features and ways to do things, but this quirk has me stumped.

depending on which version of asterisk you are running, you may need to set these settings in vm_general.inc (or you can set them directly in the general settings context of voicemail.conf.

The settings are:

;pollmailboxes=no    ;   If mailboxes are changed anywhere outside of app_voicemail,
;                    ; then this option must be enabled for MWI to work.  This
;                    ; enables polling mailboxes for changes.  Normally, it will
;                    ; expect that changes are only made when someone called in
;                    ; to one of the voicemail applications.
;                    ;   Examples of situations that would require this option are 
;                    ; web interfaces to voicemail or an email client in the case 
;                    ; of using IMAP storage.
;pollfreq=30         ;   If the "pollmailboxes" option is enabled, this option
;                    ; sets the polling frequency.  The default is once every
;                    ; 30 seconds.

Thanks, fast replies are appreciated.
I will try this out.


UPDATE:-----That did the trick--------
MWI light will extinguish soon after recording is erased, regardless of how it gets erased.