VLAN and PBXact - cant ping the vlan interface?!

So we just implemented out first LLDP and VLAN phone system today. Everything seems to work great… sort of… Maybe and I dont know why.

LLDPMED is enabled on the switching and handing out VLAN 25 to Voice. The phones boot up and get the right IP address of 192.168.25.XXX. Our data network is working on 192.168.43.XXX and VLAN1 (default).

I have all phone ports tagged 25 for phones and untagged on data LAN. Confirming nothing can talk to each other now. We then added a firewall rule to allow the 2 networks to talk with HTTP(port 80), ping, and 2001(PBXact GUI).

We can now access the phones web interface and ping them but nothing else. So everything is working.

Now the port on the switch that connects to the phone system is trunked. eth0 is on the data network at I created a new interface on eth0.25 (VLAN) and gave it

I cant ping the phone system or access the web interface on port 2001. I did confirm i have the firewall off. I noticed that the VLAN interface kept saying unconfigured and it was acting wonky. So just for testing I did manually modify the Phones Registration IP and it connected!!! The phone was talking to the PBX. However Phone apps weren’t working and I couldnt call out.

After rebooting the PBX, the phones connected and were able to call out as well as phone apps working. I can still ping the phones and access their web interface. I CANNOT ping the PBX on VLAN25 but I can ping the data VLAN side… wtf is going on?! Is this normal.

I am scared I have got some sort of “unstable” working config and this is going to stop working after a few weeks randomly. lol.

I also setup eth1 and set it to (just one more up from my eth0 interface) confirmed the interface is up. Its not on any VLAN. I also cant ping that interface. Is only eth0 a usable port on the PBXact units?

I have never been so confused before. haha. :slight_smile:

No ideas? lol. I cant be the only one who uses VLAN’s. Should I be able to ping and access the web interface on the VLAN or no? I guess is my question in simpler terms

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