Visualize FreePBX configuration in callflow

Hi all,

I am looking for a program to be able to export the current callflow from FreePBX, for instance to a pdf or jpeg file.

I’ve been testing “Visual dialplan” from , but this program’s main feature appears to be to adjust the dialplan of a PBX.
It reads the PBX’s settings and sees it’s extensions, but it doesn’t show me the callflow or relations between the extensions, IVR etc.

Does anybody know a program which is able to exclude the callflow from within FreePBX ?


Using either Gliffy or OmniGraffle I usually just draw out the dialplan prior to creating it. I find it an effective way to walk through the entire logic of it with the customer.

As far a an extract to drawing… never heard of anything that will do that.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your answer.

We also make a (Visio) drawing prior creating it.

However, after changes over the years, the drawing sometimes is sometimes not up to date.
Therefore it would be handy to have a tool to export the callflow.


Anybody ?