Visual voicemail won't play messages

The latest update to the rest apps has fixed the connection issues.

Now from the aastra 6730i I can get the voicemail menu and scroll though the messages, if you press enter on a message then it pauses, then returns to the voicemail menu.

How do you play a message?

On the Digium D70 I have a actual “Play” button. That said I have a big ol screen and a buttload of softkeys… @qwell may be usefull here…

As documented at, the voicemail application is not very useful on this device, due to the lack of softkeys.

I accept that it may not be very useful, but at the moment it is non functional!

Same point different words…

The lack of keys makes the phone not very useful with this application therefore not functional

The phones have enough keys to make it work, as demonstrated by the free aastra version that we had on our old server.

The issue with this paid for version is that when you go down you list of voicemails, click to view, you do not get the play / delete options you get returned to the voicemail menu!

Feel free to open a feature request at