Visual voicemail in an email"?

Are there any third party modules that allow a voicemail to be transcribed to txt? We get the wav file but we have to listen to them, and log them into our system. Would be nice like on an Iphone where it’s typed out. Anyone done this?

Not a module, but a rough script:

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There are a few of these scripts out there depending on if you want to use, google, ibm, or Microsoft to transcode.

For me IBM was far better than Microsoft. Depending on your message volume you may fall within thier free tiers.

I use a similar script. Only difference is, it sends the VM as a MP3 within a html formatted message. You have a lot of flexibility this way.

I admit it be way cooler to have a module (id pay for it) so if there where and changes I wouldn’t have to fix it. :). I don’t have the smarts to create it myself.

If you submit a Sangoma Feature Request

You can request specific functionality and contribute a “Sponsor Amount” to get Sangoma resources building exactly what you want.

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