Visual Voicemail: "Cannot Display" when no VMs

FreePBX 10.13.66-21

I have a client who pushed out some “updated” firmware to his users’ Aastra 6867i phones. Since then, if the user does not have a VM, and they press the “Voicemail” button on their phone, the screen says “Cannot Display” and then goes back to the main screen.

If there is a VM on their phone, then it works as normal.

Prior to this, if there was no VM and the user hit the “Voicemail” button, they would just get a screen that didn’t list any VMs, but they could still access their Settings (change greetings, etc.)

I am not able to connect a phone remotely to their system to test from that perspective, but I have connected my test 6867i phone to another client’s FreePBX system (same version) and cannot replicate the issue. I even “upgraded” my phone with the same firmware version this particular client pushed out.

So, it doesn’t look like an issue with the firmware but rather something system-side.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

Lorne, thank you for the link. I rolled back to from I think we installed .11 from the “Edge” repository to fix an issue with the VMNotify module, but rolling back to .9 didn’t seem to adversely affect that (fingers crossed)

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