Visual Voicemail access to mailbox(es) from phone that doesn't have voicemail itself?

Have been trying to make some system changes at a site to make things run a little more smoothly with fewer staff. Already set up at this site were several shared voicemail boxes which had been configured as additional mailboxes on the desks of the various staff.

Since these staff are now spending less time at their desks and more time in the warehouse we wanted to save time by setting up visual voicemail on several phones that are scattered around the warehouse area so they can see and deal with voicemails without having to trek all the way back to their desks.

The problem is that these phones are not assigned to individuals per-se, they’re just phones hanging out in the warehouse in case you need to call someone. As such they don’t have voicemail enabled on those extensions nor particularly do they want it on them.

My first thought was to just create mailboxes and then program the extension to not use it (or set it to answer after 47,000 rings). But the mailbox still then shows up in the list of available mailboxes in visual voicemail (which although harmless is pointless in this scenario).

Is there any way to configure VVM to access secondary mailboxes either…

  • on an extension that doesn’t have voicemail of its own
  • or as a workaround, to hide it’s own mailbox from the list of mailboxes displayed

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