Visual Dialplan integration with FreePBX?

Came across Visual Dialploan application for Asterisk located at Does anybody have experience with it integrating with FreePBX? It seems like a pretty nice app

How does the integration work? I am a little nervous about it’s interaction with FreePBX… any recommendations?

i installed visual dialplan for asterisk

successfully connected to asterisk but when i deploy the dialplan …it do not behave practically as defined in dialplan

do somebody have experience using Visual dial plan for asterisk (Freepbx 2.7)


I have Visual Dialplan pro with elastix freepbx, and it’s working great.
The basic step when you are using VDP is to select your Asterisk sever type In Preferances window.
For you it will be Free PBX, for me it’s elastix.
Now when you have properly configured your server you can try HelloWorld sample.
You should visit:

it’s a tutorial of how to use Visual Dialplan with free pbx,

I hope it helps.