Virturalize FreePbx

Any issues with installing Freepbx on vmware?

None at all. Works really well.

I agree with xrobau, we run a FreePBX HA cluster on VMware, with about 600+ extensions, works really well, and has many advantages over running on a standalone server.

My FreePBX instance run on Hyper-v (win srv 2012) , and working well too.

Thank you. What type of hardware and how many other vm’s do you have in your infrastructure?


Almost all our infrastructure is virtualised across about 8 VMware servers, probably about 100 guest servers at a rough count. Most are running on old Dell R710 servers with something like 200GB of memory in each. The more memory the better, with in reason:-)

Quite a few issues with FreePBX on Hyper-V. I strongly suggest you call Schmooze and discuss support option/limitations on virtualized systems. Among the major problems:

  • Some backup systems put the VM in a saved state during the backup/snapshotting process. Several times a week the system (Asterisk/FreePBX) does not recover from this and inbound and outbound calls fail.

  • Ongoing issues with call quality in conferences. Spent a good deal of time/money on this with support before being told it was an issue inherent to timing on Hyper-V.

Interestingly our backup system on VMware does cause a problem with the FreePBX HA. We use Veeam backups which do freeze the server briefly which is enough for the Centos/FreePBX HA to think there is a problem and try and move the services over to the standby server, and we sometimes got a split brain to sort out in the morning.
I get around this problem by putting the Cluster nodes into maintainace mode, and then also having to check that the pacemaker service is running afterwards.
But the fortunately calls don’t seem to fail.

I would suggest that the same rules apply as for running Lync on a VM, i.e. you have to configure the system for running real time applications, at the expense of total throughput:

Basically you want a scheduling latency of under 20ms.

The most likely impact of running on an unsuitably configured VM are stuttering audio for voice announcements and any speech that isn’t handled as direct media, and poor quality voice recordings.

How many extensions do you have?

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