Virtualizing FreePBX with Digium TE134F

A friend told me that the best solution for FreePBX is a Virtual solution
But I have a problem, I have a Digium TE134F PRI card, and I know that VMWare cannot support that.
So he told me that I can split the PBX functions, 1 (physical) for the PRI card, and the 2nd, a Virtual for all the extensions, functions and everything else…

My question is:
Is this a good solution, or should I stay with my physical server (current) ?


Personally I prefer

In effect spliting just dahdi functions on the host.

That is certainly one way of doing it.

There may be a gateway type device that lets you connect your PRI and then connect to your virtual PBX via a network connection. Fuctionally it would be about the same, but you wouldn’t have to support two PBXs, only one with a network attached media gateway.

Again, there is only one pbx involved, the one in the vm.
You could have a 4 port card and four pbx though, you just need four dynamic spans to each mac address which of course would be the ones in your VM’s network interface;-)