Virtualizing Asterisk

I’m planning on replacing our voicemail servers with an Asterisk solution. Doing some online research I’ve heard mixed reviews regarding virtualizing the servers on VMWare. Does anybody have any experience with this? We plan on building a SIP trunk between our Meta and the Asterisk box and using that for our customer’s voice mail. My main concern is whether it will function properly on a VMWare platform? If needed, I could by a physical box, but would prefer not to.

as a general rule it will work, however you need to pay attention to call volume and especially conference bridges, but for most ordinary uses it works fine

I am running my personal Asterisk server on Amazon EC2 micro-instance which is a XEN-based virtualization platform. I haven’t noticed any issues. I recently wrote a guide on how to easily install PBX in a Flash (PIAF) on any Virtual Machine. I can give you the link if you are interested.

Can I please see that guide?

My comment this morning somehow failed to display… Not sure why.
To Luke: Here is the guide I was referring to. It should be able to be used on any VM environment except OpenVZ.