Virtualized freepbx systems moving to another host - licensing issue

I sent a message to Sangoma sales regarding guidance regarding this as well, but wanted to get the community’s input/guidance as well.

When dealing with FreePBX commercial modules, how do I handle migrating FreePBX systems on virtualized systems? I’ve already had to re-license my system once and I am extremely gun shy at this point. Being in the IT consulting profession, my environment is not exactly stable (i.e., constantly moving systems around, and yes the phone system as well).

I’m also looking at it from the angle of failover from one system to another utilizing either VMware or Hyper-V (I don’t know if this is feasible in a real world application, but I haven’t got that far). Normally licensing can be tied to a MAC address, but that didn’t seem to work. Should it?

Thanks for any guidance you can provide!

I’m wondering if I was dreaming instead of actually reading. I thought I had read, and would prefer some clarification on it, that you could re-activate twice and after that you had no other choice but to repurchase the commercial modules. I can’t find that reference.

Is that the case?

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