Virtualization Setting

I would like to know if the following setting could be ok for a VM on esxi 6.7 update 3 of SNG7-PBX-64bit-2002 (02/2020):

Guest OS: other linux 3.0 (64 bit)
Compatibility: ESXi 6.7 virtual machine
VMware Tools: Yes
CPUs: 4
Memory: 8 GB

SCSI Controller 0: VMWare Paravirtual
SATA Controller 0

Network Adapter 1: VM network (is the standard network)
adapter type: VMXNET3
Boot option: BIOS

I have seen lot of article stating that run freepbx on vmware could create long term problems but also read that much of the FreePBX development is done on the distro in VMware so its a little confusing.
Thanks for the help

Hi @Raven5650
I do not see any problem on ESXi VirtualServer we have many customers using FreePBX on ESXi or Other Virtual Servers.
Only i can recommended to use a bit more Storage Disk Space. 80GB for long term should be not enough. I think for this configuration 250 GB or more should be fine.

hi @nazir,
i have the following error on my vm:

Sangoma Linux 7 (Core) (x86_64) kernel version 3.10.0-957.21.3.e17.x86_64
freepbx login: [ 23.314046] blk_update_reguest: critical target error, dev sda, sector 46989688
[ 23.314121] XFS (dm-8): metadata I/O error: block Ox28e7170 (“xlog_iodone”) error 121 numblks 64
[ 23.314181] XFS (dm-8): Log I/O Error Detected. Shutting down filesystem
[ 23.314218] XFS (dm-8): Please umount the filesystem and rectify the problem(s)

Do you have any ideas what can cause this error?

Looks like Full storage space. The file-system is forcefully shutting down due to no space left in your Storage device.
/var/log/messages Check for more info

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