Virtualbox Backup Server - License problem

I use a freePBX 14 distro as a virtualbox guest on a Linux Mint Intel Nuc PC.
In the past I exported the VM image and installed it on another Windows or MacOS Client PC, just in case of hardware failure of the primary server.
Virtualbox has a feature, where someone can use the same MAC-address for the VM copy.
So, when the main server was down, I just told the guys at the location to start the backup VM and all commercial modules worked fine.

Now the description of my problem:
It seems you implemented some new security code, where the freePBX software recognizes that it has been moved to new hardware…even if the MAC stays the same. It asks for activation…

Is there a chance that I can use backup vm images in the future, without activating the backup and without buying new module licenses? In most cases the backupserver will be in use, just for hours…

…is it possible to implement a countdown of e.g. 72h before you erase the existing activation?

I believe it asks you for activation, but once you click activate and you click existing deployment it should detect the MAC and activate just fine

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Thanks, I will test it tomorrow.

The Mac address is only one piece. The zend engine provides a “fingerprint” of the hardware. Several things can change the zend ID of your system.

Interesting…virtualbox creates an identical copy including the MAC-address of the network adapter. I copied the VM from an Intel NUC with Linux Mint to a Mac mini with MacOS.
So maybe it is a device like the Bluetooth-adapter?

I might be wrong, but in the past it seemed to work and now it asks for activation.

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