Virtual Office Software

I have instaled

  • freePBX-2.8.1-18
  • Asterisk 11.13.0
    I want a ticketing or crm software that show the info (script, employees) of the virtual office of a particular customer, and the chance to send an email after each call.
    Which software do you recommend to do this ?

I saw this link Help configuring virtual office and is the same kind of use.

Thanks in advace

Just to clarify:
I’m Wondering if there is any kind of CRM or Ticketing software that bring the info of the company related with the DID and after that the software give the chance to send email to the contacts of the company. Any Idea ?
For Example, Vtiger have the popup feature that brings the info of the company but I was unable to configure the vtiger to send emails after the call.