Virtual machines and freepbx

Has anyone installed multiple freepbx’s on the same machine using vmware or Xen. If so what did you use as the OS and configuration etc…

Thanks in advance for any information.

Vmware is good for maybe three per BIG ASS server
Vmware no hardware level access for ZAPTEL
Vmware would be for testing / lab VERY LITE USE

OPENVZ good for MANY MANY More on same hardware
you CAN give hardware level access for ZAPTEL (not a good idea)
This is a much more robust setup, takes so time to setup compared to VMware / Vir PC 2007.
but in the long run it is a BETTER solution for production.

XEN… I never really messed with it for much…to many hoops to jump thru

Remember now as for as Vir Machines goes most will not give you TRUE root access
FREE VMware server does but most of the others are a super users (chroot type) and that most are not allowing access to things like YUM / GCC and so on by default as that is how to keep a mutli-tentant box happy.

Thanks for the reply. The set up I am using has a seperate SIP to PSTN gateway so hardware level access is not an issue. What I am looking for is providing seperate PBX enduser/maint screens for each company that we have, and we have 6 to 12 small companies within our Corp structure.
So OPENVZ would be a good way to go? Set up 6 to 12 VM and then do a freepbx install on each one. BTW does each VM/OS end up with it’s own IP address? Never done VM’s before. Thanks agan for the info.