Virtual Extensions FMFM

Asterisk13/ FreePBX 14

When I make a virtual extension for the purpose of routing calls to a foreign endpoint I am noticing something strange. If the foreign endpoint it 360.444.4444, I make the FMFM 3604444444#, but the FMFM will not work. If I change it to anything but the virtual extension, 3604444445# for example, the call completes. Can the FMFM not have the same number as the virtual extension? I thought it could with the inclusion of #? Anything high-level that you can thin of that I might have missed before I grab the logs?

What you have now is a loop, because the # means “dial this as if it came from an internal phone”, and the extension number takes precedence over an external call.

Give the virtual extension a 3 or 4 digit number consistent with your extension numbering plan. You can give it a descriptive name.

I was hoping to have an exact match for other reasons (queue call control from a foreign Avaya extension), but this answers my question and I know how to accommodate it now. Thanks!

If you set your queue to call as dialed you should be able to add a Local/3604444444 without any Virtual Extension and if you have your outbound routes configured properly, it should call the Endpoint on the other PBX.

Again, if you have the routes set properly on both PBXs.

Sorry for not being clearer, but I need an extension in FreePBX so I can assign it to the queues. My overall goal is to have a queue staffed by Avaya endpoints (business requirement). The Avaya endpoints would hit the FreePBX for queue control.

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