"VIP" / override / "Boss" function for DND/CF

Dear all,
Has anyone ever implemented a function as described below in FreePBX? One of our customers is demanding this beacause their old PBX had it (arrggghh!)
Use case:

  • User A has configured an unconditional call forward or has a follow me configured (and is dnd) to switchboard B
  • All incoming calls for user A go directly to B (switchboard)
    (and now the funny part of it:)
  • If user B (cf/follow me target) calls B while he’s on cf/dnd, the call will actually ring A’s phone (only for calls originating from user B, all others got to B)
    User B knows that A is on DND/CF - e.g. he’s in a meeting - but has a very important call for A and therefore is allowed to ring A’s phone anyway. (Therefore the “VIP function” naming: Call is important, only B is allowed to call anyway and snom phones allow to “override” (phone side) DND for contacts delcared as “VIP” in the phones address book).
    Sometimes this function is also called boss - secretary.

Any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance!

Maybe you could just normally forward calls from B to A and set DND mode for A by disabling the forward from B. That way A would never be unavailable but could only be ringed by someone who know his extension.

Or you could (since most IP phones are at least 2 line) Have phone A reg ext. 7000 and 7100. With 7100 restricted to calls from B via context.

If I’m following you, you want a ‘white list’ that ignores CF and DND settings when the call is coming from a specific user? Sounds like a good feature request. For server side features, wouldn’t be too hard to do. Make sure it gets in the tracker so the idea is not lost (if that is what you are asking for).

The same concept already exists for intercom with the white and black list ability.