Viewing XML on a Cisco Phone

Hi all, I’ve configured a Cisco SPA504G and now wish to browse the SEP, how do I view the XML file from my browser?


Does the SPA504G phone use xml-config files at all? I thought it has a web gui…
The xml-config files of my Cisco 7975 and 8961 phones are stored in the tftp folder of the freePBX server. I access the files using FileZilla and my text editor is Smultron (MacOS).

Yes there is a web gui, I did my initial configuration with the xml and then sent it over to the phone and then edited the rest of the configuration via the gui, I now want to view the xml that I’ve edited. I’m looking at creating a zero touch XML

What do you mean by zero touch? I have all my xml-config-files in the tftp folder and I dont have to touch them either. I just configure the phone network settings (alternative tftp-server) and the phones pull the xml-config file from the tftp-folder of the freePBX server.

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He is trying to create the XML.

He made an initial file, but then changed things in the phone GUI and wants to export it back out to get the new settings.

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