Viewing CDRs in UCP with a single report?

Let’s say a system has 20 extensions, but an admin wants the ability to view CDRs for the entire system… If you give them full extension access in UCP for CDR’s, it will show a separate CDR report for each extension on the PBX in their UCP, which is far from ideal to sort through to look for calls.

Is there not a way to grant CDR access to the system as a whole to see all calls to the system from one single report via UCP or some other method?

I realize that I could grant them CDR only access with a FreePBX GUI account, but it isn’t very non-technical user friendly in the way that the information is presented along with the filtering options. I was hoping this could be accomplished with UCP somehow?


There are lots of ways to get where you want to go.

You can write a MySQL program that pulls the data in a more “idiot friendly” format, or you can pretend your customer isn’t a moron and show them how to read the full CDR.

You can use an Excel ODBC connection to the database and let them view it in Excel or OpenOffice.

There are also commercial modules that you can add to the system that can make CDR reports a little easier to understand.