VIewing Call Status on Parking Lot

Ok, I don’t even know if this is possible or not, but I have a client who is a little on the “needy” end. He wants his Polycom phones to have a button on them that displays that the CNAM and CNUM of the person in the LOT. And then also, a button that Displays a list of all active calls. I am pretty sure 99% if this comes down to the capabilities of the Polycom phones, but I am just asking if anyone has ever heard of this being done, and if so, what brand of phone did they use?

Any insight would be helpful on this one.


Any phone that has a big enough display and a browser can do this. You didn’t say what Polycom modules.

The Aastra phones have a script available to do this (the parking lot not active calls).

And in the absence of a big enough phone display, then FOP2 for $40 or iSymphony which is quite a bit more, can present on his monitor all that he requires, maybe more . . .

I’m dealing with Polycom Soundpoint IP335 (very limited) and IP650, with expansion modules available. I’ve gone pretty deep into their documentation and gotten them to do some pretty amazing things, I just think I am at their threshold as far as capability goes. Is there any specific Aastra phone you could recommend, since the client isn’t against spending money. (always good)

Thank you for the input, I have approached him with iSymphony as an options, for some reason he is against any type of additional end user or client side software besides what he can get running on the phone. (frustrating at times). I haven’t looked at FOP2, but will give it a go, again…thanks.