View Gui with Console Cable on Sangoma Phone System 300 Appliance?

I have a Sangoma Phone System 300 Appliance that I purchased a year or two ago as a back up. I finally went to get it up and running and saw that it had FreePBX 13, so I figured I would update it to FreePBX 14 before getting it fully up and running. In any case, the upgrade seems to have failed and I can’t figure out how to access the GUI to just do a fresh install of FreePBX 14 on the box.

The Sangoma Phone Sysem 300 Appliance doesn’t come with a port for hooking up an external monitor, so I can’t see what is going on to change the bios settings to boot from the USB drive.

The appliance did come with a FTDI Console Cable, but I’m only able to connect via Putty and can’t see the GUI and the boot up sequence.

Is there a way to hook up an external monitor so that I can access the boot sequence and GUI? Is there a program different from Putty that would allow me to attach a monitor (or at least see what is happening)? It looks like this appliance is no longer produced, so it may be a limitation.

Thanks for any help you can provide!


I saw that document. It makes a jump from connecting via Putty to seeing the graphical interface. I’m only able to use Putty to type commands, not see what’s happening on a GUI. Am I missing a feature in Putty? Is there another program that allows me to visually see what’s happening like in the article you mentioned?

Please disregard. The settings were off in Putty so I couldn’t access the bios. Once I put the correct settings in, I could access the bios and am off and running. Thanks!

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