Videosupport=yes not working sip_custom.conf only sip.conf

Hey all,

 Playing around with video support and I ran into an issue trying to enable it. I'm running the latest greatest stable release as of todays date. So I add videosupport=yes in sip_custom.conf and allow h263, but the sip clients(x-lite) refuse to share video and will not work. So I remove videosupport=yes from sip_custom and put it in sip.conf, then reload asterisk via cli and video works? Am I missing something? Won't sip.conf get overwritten next time I make a change in Freepbx?

Thanks for your time,


first off wrong file, if you want to do it by hand then use sip_general_custom.conf.

However, if you are using the latest, then use the Asterisk SIP Settings module on the tool tab (or download it from online if you don’t have that module) and configure your video there.

Thank you Philippe =) should of paid attention a little bit better in the general custom file.